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Get to Know Director Phillip Montgomery

Get to Know Director Phillip Montgomery

We cover insights, inspiration, and shoot day rituals with Farm League's newest director.

Short Film | SABRE

Short Film | SABRE

Emily Maye stepped into the world of Olympic fencing medalist Daryl Homer as he began training for the 2020 games.

A St. Patrick's Day Message from Guinness

A St. Patrick's Day Message from Guinness

Guinness celebrates human resiliency in a new spot from Chris Malloy. Read more in Muse by Clio.

Yeti | Crossroads Collection

Yeti | Crossroads Collection

Farm League, Britt Caillouette & Yeti craft the incredible journey of the ultimate travel companion.

2020 takeaways with Tim Wheeler

2020 takeaways with Tim Wheeler

After a front-row experience as the production landscape changed like wildfire, Wheels looks back on lessons learned.

Farm League and Montana team up for uplifting Super Bowl spot

Farm League and Montana team up for uplifting Super Bowl spot

Chris Malloy worked with the GOAT Joe Montana for Guinness' first Big Game spot in over a decade.

Shiouwen releases new documentary short "NEHA"

Shiouwen releases new documentary short "NEHA"

Director Shiouwen Hong immersed herself in the remote villages of India to create her new documentary short film, NEHA, following the journey of a young girl with Down syndrome.

Phillip Montgomery joins the home team!

Phillip Montgomery joins the home team!

Director & storyteller Phillip Montgomery brings his directorial talents to the Farm League roster.

K&N | Filtration for the Future

K&N | Filtration for the Future

Miko Lim fires on all cylinders in a new campaign with K&N Filtration via Soldier Unlimited.

The 1.4 Awards honor Janssen's latest!

The 1.4 Awards honor Janssen's latest!

Janssen Powers' film for Canada Goose made the long-list at the 1.4 Awards.

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