2023 in Review with Farm League
2023 in Review with Farm League

2023 in Review with Farm League


From the snowcapped Sierra Nevadas to sun-drenched Hawaiian beaches, 2023 was a beautiful journey. We filmed and explored with friends new and old. Here are a few of our favorite highlights.

The 2023 Vibe


After 13 years in the business, Farm League's vision remains the same: To embrace the evolving nature of creativity and culture to make the best and most compelling work possible. Work with intention. Work that connects. Work that honors people and places.

This year, we welcomed three stellar directing talents to the Farm League roster -- DAVID FINDLAY, RYAN THIELEN, and CAMERON GOOLD. Each director brings a new dimension to the roster in their unique approaches to visual storytelling and expert craftsmanship. 

Every creator needs a dedicated team willing to sing their vision from the mountaintop. We added the best of the best in the strategic sales talents of COMMONWEALTH on the East Coast and SAFEWORD on the West Coast. Both teams are united in our goal to foster genuine, trusted partnerships aligned in creativity and craft.


Values-driven filmmaking is our North Star, and that means walking the walk. We are proud and excited to announce that this year we began the process of becoming a Certified B Corp company. We have always held ourselves to a high standard in sustainability practices and inclusive democratized filmmaking, and this process is the next step forward in that journey.

Hear more about our sustainability mission from Farm League Founder TL (Tim Lynch).


Our work this year has taken us to incredible places with the best partners. Check out a glimpse here:

Google | Google Seed Studio

Dir: Britton Caillouette

What started as an Instagram DM from Google Seed Studio Design Director turned into a two-year plus process of creative development, production & post. The campaign was crafted as an artful and abstract look into the creative process behind the development of Google’s democratized design and ultra-customizable UI.

Toyota | Saatchi & Saatchi

Dir: Chris Malloy

Unlike traditional new vehicle campaigns cast with actors, Toyota featured real people who live authentically adventurous lives – off-roaders, mountain bikers, and rock climbers – with years of experience and expertise in the outdoor space. We sourced talent with a wealth of exciting personal content to offer as supporting footage in the spots and focused on cultivating a diverse group to feature.

Columbia | InGoodTaste

Dir: Tim Wheeler"Go Out Anyway"

"Go Out Anyway" is a nod to the playfulness, exuberance, and excitement that comes from glowing comfort, even in the most bone-chilling of temperatures. Critical to this campaign was the need to balance the authenticity and heritage of Columbia’s brand against a fresh new innovation that contained the promise of an entire winter season in the outdoors.

Dir: Janssen Powers"Shirt Off Our Back"

Highlighting the brand’s genuine reverence for the outdoors and Janssen’s inherent connection to  natural spaces as a filmmaker, the inspirational film spotlights the unwavering perseverance of Columbia designers, who vigorously test garments to ensure they are fit for challenging weather conditions.

Verizon | 140 at Verizon

Dir: Tim Wheeler

Featuring Eli Manning, Emmanuel Sanders, Reggie Bush, and Mark Sanchez, the campaign, ‘Pick Me’, features 60-second spots from each athlete, making their bid to prospective winners on why they deserve to be a plus one for the next few Super Bowls.


David Findlay netted several stellar honors this year. His PSA "Some Words Hurt" was nominated for Best Direction at the Ciclope Awards, he won a Silver YDA award for his short narrative film "Lay Me By The Shore," and his music video "Leaning Into Your Palms" for artist Austyn Gillette was a Vimeo Staff Pick.

Ryan Thielen won two Clio Sports awards for his innovative and epic Seattle Kraken and Charlotte FC campaigns.

Miko Lim was one of three directors selected to participate in Paramount Global's Directors Initiative program.

Taimi Arvidson's feature documentary "From This Small Place" screened at Heartland International Film Festival, Montclair Film Festival, and Portland Film Festival.

Travis Wood's short 'Dollar Pizza Documentary' has had a successful screening run at IFF Boston, LES Film Festival, and several others.


Check out bangers from Miko Lim, Taimi Arvidson, Greg Hunt, and more on our extended 2023 work reel below...plus catch a few behind-the-scenes snaps from the field.


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