Tracksmith | Running is a Gift

Tracksmith | Running is a Gift

This year has offered a unique opportunity to find true gratitude for the things in our lives that keep us going and give us purpose. Emily Maye's latest film for Tracksmith, Running is a Gift, celebrates finding this gratitude in running, featuring a voiceover from acclaimed author and lifelong runner, Malcolm Gladwell.

Tracksmith Running is a Gift

The film features runners that each draw a unique power from running. For Gavin, a school principal, it's a way to deepen his connection with his community. For Sam, a nurse, it's a respite after a challenging day. For Ash, a photo-journalist, it's a reminder that each battle is fought in the moment. For Mary, an elite runner, it's a road back to where she wants to be.

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Emily released another Tracksmith film earlier this year, celebrating the virtual Boston Marathon. Check it out here.

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