Log (Out)side With Vasque Footwear
Log (Out)side With Vasque Footwear

Log (Out)side With Vasque Footwear

We partnered with Vasque Footwear to show the struggle and reward of breaking our blue light dependency and reconnecting with the great outdoors. 

Directed by Miko Lim, 'Log Outside' serves as an open invitation to be mindful with your time and to rediscover the uplifting, recharging effects of nature as a way to mitigate the stress of our 'hyper-connected' digital lives. It's easy to get lost in the endless worlds accessible through our phones and computers, but with the average screen time reaching 7 hours per day, it's important to remember that there is a whole world we can explore right outside the door.

"It was important to show the character’s POV shift from staring at her phone, to seeing the forest, to seeing the trees, and then the tiniest details like a drop of water from a leaf. We used different lensing for each stage of this awakening to show her perspective."

- Miko Lim


Log Outside — Miko Lim

The campaign, from agency Space150, echoes Vasque's 55-year history as advocates for time spent in the outdoors. This is a mission inherit to Farm League and Miko's DNA, so the partnership was natural and filled with passion from all the teams involved.

The film delivers a timeless story told in a modern way -- one that hopes to inspire future generations to take a break from their devices and rediscover nature. Miko uses rays of light as a symbol for the beauty that awaits. At first, it's an intruder interrupting the glazed monotonous routine we can all quickly recognize. As the film's lead begins to acknowledge and follow the light, it becomes a guide to a different type of connection. Macro imagery and sweeping landscapes illustrate her journey into the unknown.

"I really wanted to nail the character’s breakdown moment and then her final catharsis. I crafted the shot of her breakdown as a 180 flip vertically over her head and then the cathartic moment as a 180 rotation around her head. Hopefully, those moments and the way they were shot helped tell the story and what the character was going through."

- Miko Lim

In March, Vasque invited Boulder, CO locals to hand in their phones in exchange for some uninterrupted time outside and some fresh boots to do it in. Learn more about the Log Outside Project here.

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