K&N | Filtration for the Future

K&N | Filtration for the Future

K&N wanted to hammer home the epic performance quality they're known for to launch a brand new product line, and this time for a much more personal invention - Face masks.

K&N Filtration Filtration for the Future (DC :60)

In partnership with agency Soldier Unlimited, director Miko Lim and the Farm League team developed a high octane campaign demonstrating the ease and efficiency of K&N's face covers through a finely-tuned pit crew. The campaign includes an anthem spot featuring the pit crew's precision and speed, as well as a suite of social cut downs used to hype the release.

Lim was brought on early in the project to help map out the story and find the most effective way to not only introduce the product memorably, but also showcase K&N's new slogan "Full Speed America," a phrase meant to rally their audience through the pandemic. To do so, Lim collaborated closely with the agency during the creative phase to learn the key brand goals, directed on set with extensive COVID regulations, and even edited each deliverable himself.

K&N Filtration Masks - Behind the Scenes

The attention to detail and hard work paid off big time too...

"We just learned that this is the best performing spot K&N has ever run! Definitely a long haul and very much appreciate all of the hard work and patience from you and the Farm League team!" - Soldier Unlimited

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